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The Circle

Released 04/28/2017                              Rated: PG-13 I wanted to see this movie when it came out, but when we heard the bad reviews we didn’t try so hard. I don’t even think it was out in theaters for very long, which is … Continue reading

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The Polar Express

Released 11/10/2004                              Rated: G There are a number of people who don’t like this movie because of the animation style. It’s the uncanny valley, where something too closely resembles actual humans, and it freaks people out. I actually don’t have … Continue reading

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A League of Their Own

Released 07/01/1992                              Rated: PG I’m not a big sports fan, but I love me such a movie that will make me question why I’m not. Usually for me these movies are more dramas than I’m interested in, but A League … Continue reading

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Toy Story 1-3

Toy Story Released: 11/22/1995                            Rated: G This is such a cool concept! I challenge anybody to tell me that after first seeing this movie they didn’t think … Continue reading

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You’ve Got Mail

Released 12/18/98                              Rated: PG This is one of those awesome romantic comedies (or chick flicks) that has won over my heart. Remade from two movies in the 40s originally based off a play, You’ve Got Mail has –then– modernized the … Continue reading

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