The Ref

Released 03/11/1994                              Rated:R

We’ve been trying to see this one for a while, and it just never happened. But thanks to the freak snow days GA just had, we were finally able to sit down and watch it. I wasn’t expecting a black comedy, and that may be why I didn’t love it at first, but having viewed it a second time, I think it’s beginning to grow on me.

Gus (Leary) sets off the alarm system during a burglary, scares off his get-away car. In his quest to get off the police-infested streets and meet back up with his partner Gus takes Lloyd and Caroline Chasseur (Spacey and Davis) hostage at a convenience store.  As the couple continue their incessant bickering all the way home Gus quickly realizes he’s made a mistake in his choice of hostages, muttering: “Great. I’ve hijacked my fuckin’ parents.” And thus sets the tone for the rest of the film as the three of them try to act normal when Lloyd’s family shows up for Christmas dinner.

This movie feels like it would work better as a play. I could totally see this being a stage production. It’s mostly character and dialogue driven, and if fleshed out a bit more, could end up being more of a mix between a regular and a black comedy. Just add a few more zingers, and it’s good to go.

“Who the hell do you think you are?”
“Slipper socks. Medium.”

If you’re looking for a new Christmas movie, or are in the mood for a biting comedy, check this one out.

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