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Zombieland: Double Tap

Released 10/18/2019                              Rated: R I didn’t want to overdue the zombies this month, but oh well. As far as sequels go it one of the few that doesn’t fall into the typical “not as good as the original” category. I’m … Continue reading

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Released 10/02/2009                              Rated: R So we missed this one when it came out. I want to say we’ve had people recommending it to us, and that’s the reason why we bought the blu-ray who knows how long ago, but I … Continue reading

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The Village

Released 07/30/2004                              Rated: PG-13 I’d always thought this was a horror movie. One with a twist that had been ruined for me early on, but I had no intention of seeing the film at the time, so it didn’t matter. … Continue reading

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The Social Network

Released 10/01/2010                              Rated: PG-13 I didn’t really think I was going to like this movie. I’m not big into hopping on bandwagons, and giving in to the hype of something. I’m very resistant to that sort of thing. I’ve never … Continue reading

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American Ultra

Released 08/21/2015                              Rated: R This movie is amazing. I feel like the critics who gave the film a bad rating just weren’t the target audience. How did this movie not “live up to its potential”? It was great! The action … Continue reading

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Now You See Me

Released 5/31/13                              Rated: PG-13 I was so disappointed in this movie. The trailer made it look so much better! (Big surprise, I guess.) I wasn’t really all that impressed. I felt no reason for me to figure it out or … Continue reading

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